Here is a Healthy Raspberry Lime Infused Sparkling Water

Add some taste to your sparkling water by infusing it with raspberry and lime. It’s an easy way to turn plain water into healthy, sweet and sour sparkling water! 


To create this fun infusion, add half a cup of sliced raspberries and a handful of sliced lime to the bottle. Slicing the fruit will allow for more of its flavor to infuse and add taste and color to the water.

Top up the bottle with cold water, fill the flavor chamber with water and place a carbonator in the carbonation chamber. Close up the system and press the button to sparkle & infuse.

The real taste of lime is infused right into your water. Open now to enjoy or place the sparkled and sealed bottle in the refrigerator for later. The longer you leave the real ingredients in the bottle under pressure, the stronger the infused taste.