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Infuse Sparkling Water with the Real Taste of Raspberries & Lime

Create real, natural beverages using real fruit. Why do flavoured sparkling waters typically use chemicals rather than real fruit? Because they can't make them fresh in your kitchen. You can use anything from your kitchen or garden to create natural fruit infusions in minutes.


To create a naturally infused Raspberry & Lime Sparkling Water, add a handful of sliced raspberries to the Bonne O bottle along with a slice of lime.

Fill the flavor chamber with water and place a carbonator in the carbonation chamber. Close up the system and press the button to sparkle!

The pressure in the bottle will infuse the real taste of raspberries and lime into your sparkling water in minutes.

When complete the sealed & sparkled bottle can be stored unopened in the refrigerator for later. The longer the fruit remains under pressure in the bottle, the stronger the infused taste. When you're ready open - pour & enjoy!