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Sparkle Rosé for a Bubbly New Year's Cocktail!

Impress your guests with this fun but simple celebration cocktail. Replace champagne by sparkling your favourite rosé with brandy and lemon. Giving you the perfect drink for New Year's festivities!

To make this cocktail add 1.5 oz of brandy and 2-3 ice cubes to the bottle and fill it with rosé.

Sparkling Rosé Celebration Cocktail

In a separate container, mix enough water and lemon concentrate to fill the flavour chamber and add a teaspoon of sugar. Add the mix to the flavour chamber. Place a carbonator in the carbonation chamber.

Sparkling Rosé New Years Celebration ingredients in flavour chamber

Close up the system and press the button to sparkle the cocktail!

Process Sparkling Rosé New Years Celebration Cocktail

Serve in a Champagne flute and garnish with a sprig of lemon thyme or a lemon twist. Happy New Year!

Sparkling Rosé cocktail served in Champaign flutes