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How it works

In this video, we show you how easy it is to sparkle and infuse your favourite drinks! See the detailed steps below for more details on operating your Bonne O.

Insert a carbonator in the chamber and a liquid in the flavour chamber. We usually recommend adding the accent flavour (i.e. juice or concentrate) in the flavour chamber, it helps with proportions.

Note: During the carbonation process, the carbonator does NOT go into the the linquid, only the CO2 does. See how Bonne O Carbonation works.

Fill the bottle with your chosen ingredients, tighten the top and bottom caps. Adding fruits and herbs is a great way to make your sparkling beverage exciting. Make sure to take a look at our blog for recipies!

Pro tip: The colder the ingredients the more carbonated will drink will be!

Turn the cap at the top of the machine to secure the bottle and push the button to start.

The button will flash while the machine calibrates, you will see the bublles come up in a few seconds. You can let your Bonne O do the work on it's own or watch the bubbly show!

Press the vent on the top bottle cap to release pressure. Open slowly and enjoy!